Services that make your life easier.

From syllabus design and content authoring
to IWB software and learning games.


Authoring, editorial & book design

Too few resources to meet your production targets?

Let us help you with syllabus design, authoring, editorial, and project management.

Combine our editorial services with print design, illustration and audio recording, and get your product to your market on time and without spending a fortune.



Visuals that fire up the imagination, designed and drawn by top talent with a real understanding of the learning process.


Audio scripting & recording

High-quality voice acting which adds real value to your offering. We work with actors with various native accents (including US and British English as well as Spanish), male, female, adult and child actors.



Whatever the age of your audience, we can design and create animated movies that are engaging and fun.

From animatics to deployment on various platforms, our animation experts are here to help.

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Application design & development

Need IWB software or SCORM-compliant content? Thinking of exploring App Store and Google Play?

We’re here to take care of all your digital development needs. But before we do, let’s get a very solid idea of where you want to go with your digital offering.
With 10+ years of experience in the field, we are bound to have valuable feedback.


Learning game design

Learning games need to be actual games. In other words, they need to have goals, rules, and mechanics. They must place the player in the flow, cater to their emotional needs, and create the conditions for the most engaging learning experience.

We design and build learning games that make a difference to the way your users feel while they learn.


The world’s first Learning Motivation Environment

Learning management systems (LMSs) are ok, but we believe they could do a lot more to encourage the user to stick around.

Lykio is a multi-tenant learning motivation environment that can supercharge your teachers’ and learners’ motivation. It does what LMSs do, but also offers a fully customizable gamification engine, and:

• Avatar creation – each user can identify and relate to their custom-built avatar
• Virtual currency and purchasables, such as clothes, accessories or pets!
• Reasons for users to keep consuming learning content in the pursuit of grand achievements.